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Model is wearing R29S+ Glazed Strawberry
Looking to compare colors? See the color chart here.
R10 Chestnut / Average
R10 Chestnut
R10 Chestnut / Petite
R119G Gradient Smoke
R119G Gradient Smoke / Average
R11S+ Glazed Mocha
R119G Gradient Smoke / Petite
R12/26H Honey Pecan
R11S+ Glazed Mocha / Average
R13F25 Praline Foil
R11S+ Glazed Mocha / Petite
R14/25 Honey Ginger
R12/26H Honey Pecan / Average
R14/88H Golden Wheat
R12/26H Honey Pecan / Petite
R1621S+ Glazed Sand
R13F25 Praline Foil / Average
R25 Ginger Blonde
R13F25 Praline Foil / Petite
R29S+ Glazed Strawberry
R14/25 Honey Ginger / Average
R3025S+ Glazed Cinnamon
R14/25 Honey Ginger / Petite
R4 Midnight Brown
R14/88H Golden Wheat / Average
R56/60 Silver Mist
R14/88H Golden Wheat / Petite
R6 Dark Chocolate
R1621S+ Glazed Sand / Average
R6/30H Chocolate Copper
R1621S+ Glazed Sand / Petite
R61 Palest Pearl
R25 Ginger Blonde / Average
R829S+ Glazed Hazelnut
R25 Ginger Blonde / Petite
R9F26 Mocha Foil
R29S+ Glazed Strawberry / Average
SS10/16 SS Caramel
R29S+ Glazed Strawberry / Petite
SS12/20 SS Toast
R3025S+ Glazed Cinnamon / Average
SS14/88 SS Golden Wheat
R3025S+ Glazed Cinnamon / Petite
SS23/61 SS Cream
R4 Midnight Brown / Average
SS4/33 SS Eggplant
R4 Midnight Brown / Petite
SS4/6 SS Espresso
R56/60 Silver Mist / Average
SS44/60 SS Sugared Licorice
R56/60 Silver Mist / Petite
SS9/30 SS Cocoa
R6 Dark Chocolate / Average
R2 Ebony
R6 Dark Chocolate / Petite
R511G Gradient Charcoal
R6/30H Chocolate Copper / Average
R60 White Mist
R6/30H Chocolate Copper / Petite
SS10/22 SS Iced Cappuccino
R61 Palest Pearl / Average
SS17/23 SS Iced Latte Macchiato
R61 Palest Pearl / Petite
SS29/33 SS Iced Pumpkin Spice
R829S+ Glazed Hazelnut / Average
SS4/10 SS Iced Java
R829S+ Glazed Hazelnut / Petite
SS8/12 SS Iced Mocha
R9F26 Mocha Foil / Average
SS9/24 SS Iced Cafe Latte
R9F26 Mocha Foil / Petite
SS15/24 SS Champagne
SS10/16 SS Caramel / Average
SS30/28 SS Spice
SS10/16 SS Caramel / Petite
SS613 SS Platinum
R10 Chestnut / Average
R10 Chestnut / Petite
Size chart

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Ellen Wille Size Chart

In our customers' experience, tends to run small.
Circumference Ear to Ear Front to Back
Ultra Petite 20.5-21.25" 11" - 11.8" 11.5 - 12.5"
Petite 21" 12.5 13.5"
Petite/Average 21.25" 13.2" 13.75"
Average 21.5" 13.25" 14"
Average/Large 22.5" 13.5" 14.5"
Large 23" 13.75" 15"

Estetica Size Chart

In our customers' experience, tends to run large.

Nape Circumference Ear to Ear Front to Back
Average With Nape 21.25 13.25 14
Average Without Nape 21.25 13.25 13.65
Petite With Nape 21 13 13.5
Petite Without Nape 21 13 13

Belle Tress Size Chart

In our customers' experience, tends to run average to large.

Average 20"-21"

Raquel Welch, Eva Gabor, and Toni Brattin Size Chart

In our customers' experience, Raquel Welch tends to run average to large.

Circumference Ear to Ear Front to Back
Petite 20.75 - 21.25” 13” 13.25“
Average 21.25 - 21.75” 13.5“ 14.25”
Large 21.75 - 23.25” 14“ 15.5”
Children's Petite 20.75” 12.5“ 12.75"

Jon Renau Size Chart

Circumference Ear to Ear Front to Back
Petite 21" 13" 13.25"
Average 21.5" 13.5" 14.25"
Large 23" 14" 15.5"

Alexander Couture, Amore, Noriko, Orchid, Rene of Paris, and Muse Size Chart

In our customers' experience, Noriko tends to run small.
Average 21.5"

Tressallure Size Chart

In our customers' experience, tends to run large.

Average 21.5" (fits 21" - 22.5")

Henry Margu Size Chart

Circumference Ear to Ear Front to Back
Average 22" 11" 13.5"
Petite/Average 21.5" 10.75" 13.25"
Petite 21" 10.5" 13"

Mane Attraction Size Chart

Circumference Ear to Ear Front to Back
Average 22" 11" 13.5"
Petite/Average 21.5" 10.75" 13.25"
Petite 21" 10.5" 13"


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This softly textured cut brings the classic page cut into the future. Light bangs and softly sculpted lengths along the sides are designed to atter the face with ease. The gently sculpted back adds a beautiful silhouette that is both polished and relaxed.

Brand: Raquel Welch
Cap Type: Memory Cap III
Fiber: Kanekalon Vibralite
Collection: Signature
Silhouette: Bob Cut
Product Type: Wig
Available Sizes: Petite, Average

Monofilament Part
Lace Front
Extended Nape
Ultra Thin Nape Adjusters
Velvet Ear Tabs
Velvet Nape
Not Heat Friendly

Front: 5.5"
Crown: 7"
Side: 4.5"
Back: 6.5"
Nape: 2"
Weight: 2.75 oz

Model is wearing R29S+ Glazed Strawberry

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