Alexander Couture Color Chart

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Ashen Cream
The ash-blonde shade is lighter, comparing to other shades of blonde and it has some grayish tint. This shade is cool toned, so it involves green or blue undertones. Brilliantly blended Ashen Cream has a full mix of cream, Vanilla, and ash blond highlights.
Autumn Sunrise
A captivating new color that captures the essence of a vibrant autumn morning. This unique shade features a rich red hue with medium brown roots, complemented by shimmering golden copper red highlights. The dynamic combination of colors in Autumn Sunrise adds depth and dimension to any hairstyle, providing a transformative boost and enhancing texture with its multi-dimensional highlighted effect.
Autumn Teak
A stunning deep red with a plethora of autumnal colors,  Autumn Teak has lovely shades of red, orange gold and red brown, this hair color of the Fall, is a captivating blend of autumn shades.
Beige Brown
A beautiful Ash brown beige hair color, with smoky and cool beige, neutral , and warm beige undertones, let you upgrade your brown locks in a subtle way.
Buttercream Blond
A stunning baby blond shade that exudes elegance and sophistication. This exquisite hair color is meticulously crafted with an array of tonal blond tones, seamlessly woven to perfection. The harmonious blend of light ash, medium honey, and pale gold hues creates a luxurious and radiant finish, giving this shade a touch of class and the perfect balance of blond tones.
Canyon Stone
Dark brown and grey bang with salt and pepper nape
Caramel Swirl
A delightful new hair color that embodies warmth and sophistication. This captivating shade features a blend of warm caramel ribbons, chocolate brown slices, and honey-toned blondes, creating a mesmerizing contrast of colors. The chunky and well-woven highlights add depth and dimension to the hair, giving it a rich and luxurious appearance. Caramel Swirl is complimented by beautifully blended brown roots that seamlessly transition into the lengths and ends, resulting in a fashionable and flattering hair color. This versatile shade is designed to enhance both brunettes and blondes, flattering various skin tones and adding a touch of elegance to any hairstyle.
Cherry Merlot
A blend of dark auburn and light auburn
Chocolate Frost
Dark Brown base with 50/50 of Light Brn + Light Blonde highlights | Base: 6 HL: 24 and 27C
Cinder Toffee
A beautiful, blended blond, that boasted an array of toffee, burnt toffee, fudge blond, milk chocolate, and deep golden blond tones, Cinder Toffee is very flattering color and suits all skin tones.
Cinder Toffee-R
Introducing "Cinder Toffee R" – the rooted sister color of Cinder Toffee. This exquisite mid blonde shade is a work of art, featuring a harmonious blend of beige, brown burnt toffee, blonde, and gold highlights expertly woven throughout the hair. The root regrowth shade is a mid-brown that seamlessly transitions into the midlands and ends, creating a natural and fashion-forward hair color. The multi-tonal highlights add depth and dimension to the overall look, making "Cinder Toffee R" a sophisticated and trendy choice for any hairstyle.
Coco Brown
A rich warm Chocolate brown, Coco Brown, is a smoky deep shade with tones of mocha.
Coffee Latte
Dark Brown with Dark Brown & Honey Brown 50/50 blend highlights | Base: 6 HL: 27B and 10
Creamy Blond
Platinum and Light Gold Blonde 50/50 blend (Blend of 102 and 24)
Creamy Toffee
50/50 of Dark Blonde + Creamy Blond | Root: 10 Ends: 22 and 27C
Dark Chocolate
Dark Brown and Medium Brown 50/50 blend | Blend of 4 and 8
Ginger Brown
Medium Auburn and Medium Brown 50/50 blend | 8 and 10
Henna Red-R
Henna Red-R is a bright and vibrant red with cherry undertones and has luxurious and rich coffee bean brown toned root regrowth. This is simply head turning Henna red hair!
Marble Brown
Medium Brown and Light Honey Brown 50/50 blend | 6 and 27B
Melted Marshmallow
Dark rich brown root, soft medium blond at middle + cool light blond ends.
Rooted Dark with Light Brown base with Strawberry Blonde highlights | Root: 10 Base: 30 HL: 140
Salt & Pepper-MR
A perfect 50/50 blend of deep charcoal grey and light Alabaster Grey tones give a striking yet very natural color, off set with the MR which stands for Micro root, this very small regrowth rotted area gives definition and depth.
Sandy Blond-R
Sandy blond hair has made a huge comeback,  this is a stunning shade with a darker blond root which is blended to perfection is amazing!! a blond which is full of multi tonal shades, cream, honey,  ash, and toffee,  appearing throughout The colors is flattering, suits many skin tones and is a very classy shade.
Silver Brown-MR
Silver Brown MR, the MR which stands for Micro root, has a very small regrowth which transcends into the silver, grey and honey brown tones, this beautiful color has the ability to look very natural and fashionable all at the same time.
Silver Frost
Color 60 framing the face with a blend of 56 and light ashy brown
Smoke Ivory
This platinum blond/grey has a mid cool beige brown root softly blended into the finely woven white, platinum, ivory and smoked ivory strands which Transend into white tipped ends
Strawberry Blond
Strawberry blond hair is the perfect choice if you’re searching for a soft beautiful warm blond with subtle fine woven lowlights and highlights, It’s also easy to ware and adds warmth to the skin tone, a striking dimensional red blond with a natural blended look.
Summer Blond
A sublime golden summer blond with a blend of lighter blond and warm honey blond