Choosing your wig

We're so glad you're here to start your wig journey with us! We go over everything you need to know in this video, like how to measure your head and choose the features, fibers, and styles that will best suite your needs.

While most people (over 90%) fall into the average category, it’s good to make sure that you know your correct size. For instructions on how to measure your head correctly, see my blog post.

There are 4 basic categories of fibers: synthetic, heat friendly (sometimes called heat defiant), human hair/synthetic blend, and human hair.

Synthetic is typically the least expensive fiber and the easiest to care for. Synthetic fiber holds the style even after washing. It cannot be styled with heat. Be careful opening the oven door when wearing a regular synthetic wig. A blast of hot air can ruin this type of wig. Also, synthetic wigs can appear shiny. A spritz of dry shampoo can help reduce the shine.

Heat friendly/heat defiant wigs are more expensive than regular synthetic wigs and give you the flexibility to change your style by applying heat (follow manufacturer recommendations for heat). Once restyled with heat, the wig will hold the new style after washings. Heat friendly wigs are a more fragile fiber than non-heat friendly, they tangle more easily, and they require more care. Intermittent application of heat will help maintain the beauty of the fibers. Heat friendly synthetic wigs usually look more realistic than non heat friendly synthetic wigs, because they have less shine.

Human Hair/Synthetic Blend wigs are more expensive than 100% synthetic wigs. They combine the benefits of human hair with the benefits of synthetic fibers. They look more realistic than synthetic fibers and they have style memory so you don’t have to restyle your hair after washing. Many of the blended wigs are heat friendly.

100% Human Hair is the most expensive category. They look the most realistic and typically last longer than synthetic wigs. They do require styling after washing.

For more information on the different types of fibers, please see my blog post.

It can be hard to buy a wig when you only see it on the model, or you don't see it in the color that you're interested in. To help with this, we created a private Facebook group, Frannie's Hair, where people share photos so you can see what the wig looks like in real life. We also have a resident stylist V who provides free one-on-one video consultations to help you decide which wig is best for you.

Website questions

The inventory on our website is updated regularly. Therefore, if you see a wig that you can add to your cart, then it's in stock. Occasionally, when a product is very low in stock, it is possible for it to sell out when multiple people are checking out at the same time. In the rare event that you buy a wig that just went out of stock, we will let you know and give you a full refund.

When you're on a product page, all of the colors that are currently offered for that product are shown in the circular icons. You can click on each color icon to see a larger image. If a color is out of stock, you can join the waitlist to get notified as soon as that color is back in stock.

On any of our collections, you can always filter by these properties. If you click on Shop in our main menu, you can then use the filters to filter by Brand, Feature, Fiber, Price, and more.

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