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Size chart

New to wigs? Learn how to measure your head here. 

Ellen Wille Size Chart

In our customers' experience, tends to run small.
Circumference Ear to Ear Front to Back
Ultra Petite 20.5-21.25" 11" - 11.8" 11.5 - 12.5"
Petite 21" 12.5 13.5"
Petite/Average 21.25" 13.2" 13.75"
Average 21.5" 13.25" 14"
Average/Large 22.5" 13.5" 14.5"
Large 23" 13.75" 15"

Estetica Size Chart

In our customers' experience, tends to run large.

Nape Circumference Ear to Ear Front to Back
Average With Nape 21.25 13.25 14
Average Without Nape 21.25 13.25 13.65
Petite With Nape 21 13 13.5
Petite Without Nape 21 13 13

Belle Tress Size Chart

In our customers' experience, tends to run average to large.

Average 20"-21"

Raquel Welch, Eva Gabor, and Toni Brattin Size Chart

In our customers' experience, Raquel Welch tends to run average to large.

Circumference Ear to Ear Front to Back

Ultra Petite

20.5" 12.5" 13.125"


20.75 - 21.25” 13” 13.25“
Average 21.25 - 21.75” 13.5“ 14.25”
Large 21.75 - 23.25” 14“ 15.5”
Children's Petite 20.75” 12.5“ 12.75"

Jon Renau Size Chart

Circumference Ear to Ear Front to Back
Petite 21" 13" 13.25"
Average 21.5" 13.5" 14.25"
Large 23" 14" 15.5"

Alexander Couture, Amore, Noriko, Orchid, Rene of Paris, and Muse Size Chart

In our customers' experience, Noriko tends to run small.
Average 21.5"

Tressallure Size Chart

In our customers' experience, tends to run large.

Average 21.5" (fits 21" - 22.5")

Henry Margu Size Chart

Circumference Ear to Ear Front to Back
Average 22" 11" 13.5"
Petite/Average 21.5" 10.75" 13.25"
Petite 21" 10.5" 13"

Mane Attraction Size Chart

Circumference Ear to Ear Front to Back
Average 22" 11" 13.5"
Petite/Average 21.5" 10.75" 13.25"
Petite 21" 10.5" 13"


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Flipped-out ends and textured layers present this sassy bob with airy comfort.

  • Synthetic Hair Fiber: Pre-styled, ready-to-wear, designed to look and feel like natural hair.

Brand: WigPro
Fiber: High Quality Kanekalon Synthetic Fiber
Available Sizes: Average
Product Type: Wig
Item Number: 576


Front: 4" - 5"
Side: 3" - 4"
Nape: 2"
Weight: 2.5 oz

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Frannie, thank you for helping me in my hair journey. I wish I lived closer to you so I could frequent your shop. Frannie's has great customer service, returns. All you could ask for. Look forward to working with you again.And a thank you to Matt Sirkin for fixing my order.Sincerely,Cheryl
Cheryl H
I contacted Frannie because I needed help deciding on a wig. Frannie answered my emails and questions quickly. I also chose Frannie’s store because I have watched many of her wig reviews and try-ons. They were far more helpful to me than other sites because Frannie and her family and friends are lovely people who I could relate to in terms of level of make-up, age etc. Other reviewers are much younger than I am, much better made-up, and far more glamorous so I wondered if I would just look ridiculous. I think lots of people have that fear and look for reassurance. You will find that at Frannie’s Hair.
Christina Strait
I received my first order from Frannie's Hair today and I am so excited to wear her! I placed my first order from Frannie's on Saturday, May 18 and my order was delivered today, May 22 - talk about exceptional service!! The wig I ordered is Heat by Jon Reneau in Oyster. I saw Coco review her on the 18th and knew that I had to have her. I was not disappointed at all - Heat is a gorgeous wig - the lace front is exceptional in my opinion and the heat friendly fibers are so much softer than other brands that I have tried in the past. Thank you everyone at Frannie's Hair!!
CJ Palmer
I can't say enough positive things about my dealings with Frannie! She is so helpful, encouraging, and accommodating! Frannie is always so gracious. And she has excellent knowledge in all areas. She is always striving to improve her website, her extensive stock, and her ability to help! Frannie is a pleasure and a treasure!!CM
Clare Morley
I love watching Frannie’s Square YouTube channel, because viewing many different styles and colors available from various brands (which this site carries) is so helpful. I recently purchased my first wig from Frannie’s Hair. I appreciated receiving my order in just three days!Before my order was placed, Frannie promptly replied to my email communication. I could not have had a better experience.I highly recommend purchasing from this website.
Dawn Wilson
Are you new to the world of wigs? Or are you a seasoned pro? Most of us who came here were newcomers with a ton of questions; we were filled with trepidation about wearing a wig. Good grief, who would have thought our hair journey would bring us here? And lucky it did. “Frannie’s Hair” and Frannie herself immediately made me feel at home, and among friends! I knew NOTHING, but with a medically induced hair loss I was in a panic. I needed to learn as much as I could, as fast as I could. She tirelessly answered all my questions, along with her other sidekicks- 😊 Matt, her General Manager who is just outstanding, he will answer your questions day and night, I am not kidding! Eliana Lin, who serves us in Customer Service, and her consultants on her Facebook page, Sherry and “V”. What a great team! Speaking of Facebook, be sure to search out her group there, “Frannie’s Hair”. A safe place to glean information and chat with other sisters. Her selection of brands continues to grow- she researches the different companies so what she brings to her customers is fully vetted. Her customer service is next to none, and her return policies are among the most generous that I have found so far. She makes it possible for us TO try wigs because, well, that’s the hardest part, isn’t it, buying a wig from an online shop. How can we know until we try? It took me a couple swings and misses to find my lane; I know that for sure! So, thank you to Frannie, for your sincere, honest approach to this whole process, with your personal touches on everything including your own wig reviews. And to her staff for the support- priceless. We appreciate you!
Deb Wood
As a “new to wigs” woman in her late 60’s, I found Frannie after I had made my decision to purchase a wig due to hair loss from several autoimmune conditions. I had been searching many, many sites for the perfect one to purchase my first wig. I found it with Frannie! I have binged watched many of her earlier videos in one day and her honest, informative and cheerful style made me feel as if I were important, after even never having met her. She reinforced that feeling very soon after. I was confused by the color selection process on the website so I emailed Frannie (I didn’t realize that Frannie was having a new awesome website finished soon) She immediately responded and answered my questions.Not only did she respond to my query but also offered any assistance and samples (which I have not opted to have her do) and also told me if the wig(s) wanted were in stock, she could usually have them sent out and delivered to her customers within a short period of time. I’m sure that would depend on the location you are in (and the weather and wild fire conditions) so your delivery time may vary.Frannie, I’ve placed my first order on the “older” website and was surprised to see the new website already live after I submitted the order! Maybe my order would have been first if I’d just had a bit more patience ;-) Congratulations on the new website and much continued success.
Debbie Zupancic
Received my RW Black Tie her! I'm a 22.5 circumference with thick chemo curls growing beautifully...shook and put on! Wore her all day, and was very comfortable!Frannie has been so her site!
Debi Jean
A world of gratitude to Frannie and her team!Lost most of my hair last fall, barely left the house, felt hopeless.Found Frannie on YouTube and binge watched every show, so much helpful, honest, encouraging information.Purchased my first wig from Frannie’s Hair, Picture Perfect by TressAllure in 17/23/R8 because it looked so beautiful on her. I love it!Wore it out and to work ( I was afraid about people’s reaction) received so many compliments.Just ordered a second one for rotation.Thank you Frannie!
Donna Primavera
I’ve been a wig wearer for over 40 years. I’ve learned more about wig wearing in the past year by watching Frankie’s Square YouTube site. Frankie’s sister and mom are hilarious! It’s great to learn about the different features of wigs and how the same wig looks different on different people.
Judy O'Dwyer
I am very new to wigs. I used a drawing suave on my hands, it got in my hair. My hair was literally eaten by this product. I found Frannie and began watching as many videos as I could. I loved the way she presented the wigs, her personality seemed to resonate with me. Due to Frannie, I learned so much about every aspect of picking, installing, up keeping of wigs. I reached out to her with a problem regarding my first wig. She responded right away and truly card about what happened. I found a great wig that worked for me finally. I will only buy future wigs from her, as she has been real. I decided I will also be starting a wig journey but am looking into starting my own channel. My husband is a hair stylist for the last 40 years. We are going to incorporate his talents, and what I have learned to do something very special. I will always recommend Frannie's hair.
karen michaud
Finding new hair can be a challenge when you don’t know the first thing about it, which was me. That is until one day Frannie and one of her sister’s queued up on my YouTube reviewing wigs. It was so interesting and they were so fun to watch, I was hooked. A new website, more videos, Facebook chats and my free online consultation service with “V” makes this the online gold standard community. I am amazed by not only the professional expertise of both Frannie and V, but their genuine desire to share their knowledge & educate everyone so we can make good choices. Did I mention the fantastic return policy and fast shipping? So glad I’m here and my order is in.
Karen Santella
I am a customer as of January 2024. In the last year I've had extreme hair loss. I came across a YouTube video with Franny introducing wigs. I joined her Facebook group and educated myself through personal experiences from customers. I was sold I gained a trust and became a frequent buyer customer.I know own four wigs. You can be comfortable knowing that this seller is trustworthy, honest, and great customer service. Frannieshair is a lovely family business.
I've learned so much from Frannie's YouTube reviews and her private Facebook group. Unlike some reviewers, Frannie tells us both the pros and cons of wigs, and I know I can trust her reviews. The Facebook group is a welcoming space where we can share and learn from each other as well. Frannie has created a great community!
Lourdes Venard
I recently purchased a wig from Frannies’s for the first time. I am pleased with everything about this transaction! I especially appreciate the “no restocking fee”! I cannot bring myself to go to a local wig store to check colors and then not buy from them, so having this feature is outstanding. Trying to find the right color is the biggest difficulty I have experienced in my wig journey. Thank you so much! You are my wig store from now on!
Mary Holt
Luckily for me I found Frannie’s Hair at the beginning my wig journey. I find their selection of wigs are great, excellent quality, great return policy. My communications with staff has been professional and very timely. Frannie’s Hair is my go-to store!
Mary Travis
Frannie...You know I have been saying it since the first night I saw your wig reviews on YouTube....I am thrilled that you have started this company!!! I love the reviews with you, and your sisters and friends, and you with your Mom! You also know that I have had some bad experiences with wigs and wig companies, and I almost gave up until I found you. Thank you for all the hard work you put into your company! I am a fan (and customer soon) for life!!! I wish you ALL the best with your new endeavors!!!!-Patti**
Patti MacLaughlin
Loved you & your mom video! It helped me relax about wigs & I absolutely loved watching your sweet relationship & your mom was so authentic & fun! Maybe more videos w/her? I even showed my mom who is Eighty & hopefully, it helps my mom coming to terms with me needing to wear Wigs soon. Ty!
S Lien
Very prompt shipping, easy purchase and good communication for any questions I had. I will be shopping again !
Tracy Randall
I started my wig journey last June. Early on in my journey, I found Frannie on YouTube and I am so thankful I did. Her personal, caring touch along with great customer service has kept me as a return customer. If you are looking for a personal touch in this crazy big box store world, I highly recommend Frannie's Hair. She offers great service, has a resident stylist, V, who offers free consultations and a great return policy.
Vickie Reiss